Exercise Facilities for Mentally Ill Prisoners in a South Carolina Prison

This is the rec area at the end of a wing of cells for mentally ill prisoners

"Steve Martin, standing in the corner, is a lawyer from Austin, Texas. I met him in 1978 at the Ruiz v. Estelle Federal suit against the Texas prison system. He had been a guard and then went on to obtain his law degree. He testified on the prisoner side of Ruiz."  - Alan

This is one style of confined recreation area. At least there is some sky and air. Each prisoner is in a separate rectangle. The regular prison population has rec in an open area.

Exercising while cuffed, shackled and chained.

This is an inmate in MSU (Maximum Security Unit,) that houses inmates considered to be the greatest security risks in the state system. In 2008, he was classified as mentally ill, but on 8/20/2010 (literally days before this photo was taken), he was classified not mentally ill.

In this photo, he is in the rec yard for MSU in the restraints that are required when they go on rec in that unit.